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Slogun is the world's first social media platform built for the Midwest. Inspired from Raygun's twisted sense of Midwest pride, Slogun gives you the opportunity to submit your quippy, snarky, and possibly true slogans about our great flyover states. Have something to say? Post away.

Questions Midwesterners are sick of hearing:

Things people who use Slogun know:

Everyone in the community can view, vote, and comment on your slogan. Posting something popular could land you on the “Trending” or “All-Time” top pages. There are also numerous subcategories that focus on even more local communities - like cities, politics and current events.

Slogun is not just snappy sayings. It's a community of folks who are proud of their flyover states. Even if the rest of the world still thinks Iowa is where the potatoes are.

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